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The Simplest Things

The simplest things done consistently produce miraculous results!

I love that! Why don’t we do that more?

For some reason we make things more difficult than they need to be or we look for that “magic" easy way. And why is it that we always wonder “How come I never seem to get anywhere?”

Here are some great tips that I have learned that have helped me tremendously;

Simplify, Organize, Declutter and Keep Moving Forward. I think these are all such important concepts. They are especially important in key areas in our life like health, finance, work, home & spiritual life. These are concepts that are wonderful to implement on a daily basis and I have to say… when I do them… life is way better for me. Even miraculous! We will touch on these ideas more deeply in upcoming posts, but for now, try to add one good little thing in daily.


Simple Things - Bring on the greens! Make the body sing! Easy Green Smoothies… Yippee!!!!

Done Consistently - Try them 2x a day. (Make enough in the morning to be there for you later.)

Produce Miracles - Healthy weight, Promotes Wellness, Prevent sickness, Better moods, Excellent sleep, Etc.


My Favorite Smoothie - This is my daily go - to drink. I make enough for two (You can make more!). I have one then and save one for the afternoon when I am looking for something quick. All that you need are:

NutriBullet or some other easy to use and clean blender. (I love the NutriBullet – it is soooo easy)

Any combination for the following ingredients or substitute what works for you:

Mixed greens (any kind will do)





Avocado ( A must for me! Great for the consistency)

Flax seeds (about 2 tsp)

Chia seeds (about 2 tsp)

Protein Powder ( I use Garden of Life Raw Meal)

1 Tbs EFA blend. (I use Vega but any good oil like flax oil or primrose oil will do)

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